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Genre: Romance
Director: Céline Sciamma
writed by: Céline Sciamma
release date: 2019

average rating: 9 / 10 stars
Yesss Queen! 👌🔥👏. Oh my godddddd, perfect. Alors ÇA, j'ai tellement hâte de le voir. Le soulagement c'est savoir que ces tiques sont finalement leurs propres tortionnaires. Plus ils pèsent des millions plus vite ils s'asphyxiront ensemble. L'air pur bientôt pour nous et la fosse aux millions pour eux. 5500 la nuit, c'est indécent pour le commun des mortels... What is your favorite book by Bourdieu (a french sociologist. a : I red many books by Bourdieu but la domination masculine (male domination) is very good. This book is very complete and it shows a way the domination applies by transforming the history of some things (I'm sorry if it's not clear. It transforms things by using it always happened like that and it's really an argument of domination, that we can find everywhere. q : how do you feel about owning the Cesar Award for Best Actress ? a : I was really happy... My answer is stupid xD but in reality the Cesar that touched me the most was the one that I received for the best supporting role. The Cesar for les combattantes, I was really happy but I wasn't affected like I was for the cesar for Suzanne. q : What is your favorite philosopher ? a : Barthes. Because I love all he do. He is between the pure reflection and the heat, there is something of the order of flavor in what it offers. I feel like he's my grandpa. q : How was it to play in a comedy ? a : It's true that we thing we have to overreacting to be comic, whereas in the movie here, the comic works a lot by unlearning. Not by doing more but by doing less. q : Who is your mentor in the comedy ? a : Jim Carrey. He is amazing, he is totally crazy. He looks like Pio... He goes super deep in the scenes but without being did you see me (I don't know if it exist in English, it's a french expression that means pretentious) look how I know how to do well etc. When in dumb and dumber he goes out of the dream by imitating the fish for example, it's amazing! q : Is it you the new Catherine Deneuve (a french old actress. a : mmmh I don't know. She is someone very admirable in her career, Catherine Deneuve... So for now well rather look at our feet and try to continue to move forward. q : What are your futur projects ? a : First I'll do a movie with Céline Sciamma named portrait of a lady in fire (❤❤) and then I'll do theater with Gisèle Vienne, from an author named Robert Walser, and the project is named Der Teich (it's German it means the pond) Voila. I'm sorry if there are some mistakes, I'm not bilingual 😅.

Nopensarenellonopensarenellonopensarenellonopensarenellonopensarenello. I haven't watched this yet but this is literally best movie of the decade. Where could I watch this movie. Somebody tell me😭😭😭. Reminded me of Sue and Maud of Fingersmith. What a wonderful movie. In my mind I am still walking on the beach with Marianne and Héloïse. The acting performance of the two leading actrices Noémi Merlant and Adèle Haenel is superb. There are also very beautiful woman to look at, especially Merlant is one of the most gorgeous looking actrices I have ever seen.
Although I am a hetero man, I was totally involved with the moving love affair between Marianne and Héloïse.
I did read a lot of reviews about this film, which were almost all very praising. And I was already enchanted after seeing the trailer at the cinema.
I went to see the movie in a very small theatre of a small cinema. But there was no seat anymore left for this true masterpiece. The public was very quiet during the presentation of the film. This is always a good sign. It is actually a shame that these kind of movies are not shown on a big stage. However, it is perhaps even better to see 'Portrait de la jeune fille en feu' in an intimate environment.
I was moved the whole way long, and especially the end was so strong and left me and a lot of people in tears.
This is by far the best movie that I did see this year 2019 (and it is already november. followed in my list of movies that I have seen at the cinema by 2) Green Book; 3) Roma; 4) Hors normes; 5) Dolor y gloria; 6) The Wild Pear Tree; 7) If Beale Street Could Talk; 8) Ad Astra; 9) Arctic; 10) Parasite. br> So leave your house and try to see this marvellous painting of a movie at the cinema, because the cinematography and beautiful 'painted shots' are so much better to admire there than at home.

Fer forgé. I feel the silence, passion and the desire of their love. it´s so strong story. i´m falling in their love and i´m so happy. so amazing, so affectionate. 3. 9:43 She is so cuteeeeeee, I can imagine Adele doing that *jumping* hello, I'm Adele 🤣 OMG cuteeeeeeee. Nepraleisk šio vieno vaikino filmo. Arrière.


I just love it 🤗❤️. 2:40 😏❣.


Un moment terrible. Adèle Haenel est terrible. D'artifice. Every single SCENE in the movie was pure art. a true FEAST FOR THE EYES. Quel gâchis, c'est affreux! Une poignée de ces 'stars' résoudraient le problème de la famine dans tous les continents. J'ai été aussi fort étonnée qu'il y ait des toilettes? sont dons des êtres humains comme nous! Par ailleurs, je me demande s'ils sont vraiment heureux dans leur vie personnelle. Des enfant meurent tous les jours de faim et de maladie... Celines rollercoaster sounds were so cute LOL LOVE HER.







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